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Resources / Workshops

There are several resources, facilities and workshops at HCT that provide an excellent training environment that is conducive to learning. The workshops simulate real-life environments and enable learners to undertake practical work tasks that are an essential part of the NVQ frameworks, with learners being assessed on these as part of their vocational learning experience. HCT provides free Wi-Fi access to all learners and guests via CereGuest, with learners also provided with email and internet logins whilst enrolled at HCT.

Our resources include the following:

  • Hairdressing Salon - a working hair dressing salon with 9 stations for learners to work with either fellow-learners or commercial clients and be assessed. Open Salons are held for members of the public on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons (discounted rates apply, please contact 01970 633040 for more information)
    Hair and Beauty Academi price list
  • Carpentry Workshop - a large workshop that provides facilities for learners to undertake a variety of carpentry tasks. e.g. hanging doors, building stairs, fitting kitchen units etc, resourced with a range of carpentry hand and power tools
  • Plumbing Workshop - simulated bays that allow for practical plumbing tasks to be completed, such as installing bathrooms, airing cupboards and central heating boilers
  • Farriery Building - a bespoke facility that houses 8 coke forges and 2 gas forges where learners can develop their metalwork skills, with anvils and a range of metalwork tools and safety equipment available
  • Motor Mechanics Workshop - set up like a working garage, with 2 vehicle ramps and all standard motor mechanic tools for undertaking tyre repairs and renewals, engine inspections, MOTs etc. Project cars are stocked for learners to work on
  • IT Training Suites - HCT has four IT suites that house over 30 PCs, with additional iPad available for mobile use. Learners can use the PCs for lessons and / or to do work or job search in their own time. Full access to the internet is provided, with on-line exams and essential skills tests and developmental exercises available
  • Conference / Training Rooms - our training rooms are equipped with interactive smart boards and we have a comfortable conference room that can be used by staff, learners and external groups by prior booking
  • Learner Resources - we have a fully equipped kitchen that learners can use during breaks / lunch time, providing a kettle, microwave, toaster and dishwasher. We also have an appointed learner area at HCT that is stocked with books, educational games and materials, providing a relaxing space for learners to self-study and do work. We do expect learners to use these facilities responsibly and with respect
  • Drink / Snack Vending Machines - we don't have a canteen at HCT but we do provide hot drinks and snack vending machines. We're also in close proximity to Morrisons, McDonalds and other local shops that learners can access