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Hyfforddiant Ceredigion Training (HCT)

offers a range of vocational courses to prepare people of all ages for the workplace by providing skills training in the following:

Learners can enrol on Traineeship (Level 1) or Apprenticeship programmes (Level 2 & 3), with support given to find work placements and securing a full-time job.

We also work with people who don’t yet know what career they wish to pursue and offer an "engagement" programme that prepares young people (16-18 year olds) for employment via CV writing, job searching and undertaking essential skills and employability lessons. Whilst on this 3 day a week course (21 hours), learners can receive up to £30 a week and have help towards travel costs.

Our training advisers work closely with all Ceredigion secondary schools, offering GCSE and A-level equivalent courses in vocational skills, likewise providing lessons to school children on the Alternative Curriculum.

We offer a range of vocational private courses that are open to everyone, giving you the opportunity to learn basic plumbing, carpentry etc. skills for everyday use.

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The Apprenticeship, Engagement and Traineeship Programmes, led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund